What is the TLC Deck of Cards?

The TLC Deck of Cards is a collaboration between artists and public figures who have been commissioned by Dame Floella Benjamin to each design a playing card from a deck of cards. It’s Volume II of the TLC Deck of Cards, succeeding the first Deck of Cards Auction which took place in 2018. The sale of the original artworks, decks of cards and posters will help to fund the life saving work of Transplant Links Community in Africa and the Caribbean.

How can I bid?

Bidding has now closed for the 2020 Deck of Cards Art Auction – the auction of original artworks took place on 11th Dec 2020 with Ewbank Auctions and raised a total of over £32,000 for Transplant Links!

Can I buy an actual Deck of Cards?

All 54 fantastic designs have been collated to produce actual decks of cards, which you can buy from this website on the shop page. There are also some 2018 Volume I Decks of Cards still available to buy. 

What’s this in aid of?

The TLC Deck of Cards Art Auction was founded in order to raise money for British Charity Transplant Links Community (Charity no 1119923). The money raised will help us to fund our next life saving mission to Africa or the Caribbean, where our marvellous team of volunteer doctors and surgeons can teach their skills in kidney transplantation to local medical teams, and save lives at the same time. This is a truly unique and special opportunity for art to literally save lives.

  • Doctors, surgeons and nurses in developing countries to be able to perform life-saving kidney transplant operations
  • Parents, wives, husbands, friends, and other family members the chance to save the life of their loved one by donating a kidney
  • Children with kidney failure to go back to school with a functioning kidney
  • Adults with kidney failure to go to work to provide for their families with a functioning kidney

Who are the artists?

Baroness Floella Benjamin DBE, Grayson Perry CBE RA, Frank Bowling OBE RA, David Mach RA, David Shrigley OBE, George Underwood, Elsie Owusu OBE RIBA, Lemn Sissay MBE, Ade Adesina, Dan Hillier, Michael Foreman, Lizzie Riches, Anthony Frost, Karl Singporewala ARB, Sean Jefferson, Lou Tonkin, Hannah Kokoschka, Katie Ponder, Jennie Jewitt-Harris, Vanessa Gardiner, John Howard, Peggy Cozzi, Aimee Jewitt-Harris, Jackie Berridge, Jaci Foster, Deborah Westmancoat, Sue Munson, Clare Mackie, Jan Marcello, Soraya French, John Nolan, Alexander Vorobyev, Robert Fitzmaurice, Colin Mier, Bridget Moore NEAC RBA RWS, Steven Ling, Riannon Evans, Sonja Burniston, Louise Body, John Hainsworth, Karen Marks, Chris Gilvan-Cartwright, Joe Coleman, Nana Shiomi RE, Jem Stevens, Annie Boisseau RBA, Hazel Partridge, Alan Cotton, Christine Stark, Remy Nurse, Daniel Jennings, Susie Perring, Emma D’Arcey.