Annie Boisseau

Annie Boisseau – Ace of Spades

annie boisseau artworkI was very happy to be involved in the last TLC Art Auction and to learn about the amazing work the charity does in developing kidney transplant services in countries where it is needed most. It’s a great feeling to be a small part of something that makes such a big difference simply by donating an artwork!

When I heard that this year’s Art Auction was going to be the theme of a Deck of cards, I thought “brilliant, Christmas presents sorted!”.

I jumped in quite quickly with wanting to paint the Ace of spades. I didn’t want to do something too obvious, so I decided to paint a brooding atmospheric landscape which could be seen through the framework of the Ace of spades. This offers a choice of either retaining the whole ‘Ace’ or removing the mount to reveal the full landscape! Either way, I hope it goes towards helping this ace charity!

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