Clare Mackie

clare-mackieClare Mackie – 4 of Hearts

I have a profound love of nature and my favourite thing to do is paint animals or insects. I’ve been illustrating weekly for Country Life Magazine for over 15 years and have the joy of painting animals and insects for them most weeks in their My Week column. Transforming the four hearts into insect wings was a delight for me and I always enjoy painting twirls and curls too!

Why did you want to take part in this fundraising initiative?
It’s a way of giving back through my artwork which is important to me.

Can you tell us about your artwork?
What inspiration did you draw on to create your design? I paint in watercolour using tiny brushes or a dip pen with watercolour – possibly a technique many people use but I only devised that a few years back and it’s proved to be enormously helpful in my illustrations. The natural world is always my first port of call when thinking up new ideas.

What is it about the charity Transplant Links that made you want to support them?
The fact that they have such a positive effect on so many lives is truly inspiring.

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