Dan Hillier

dan-hillierDan Hillier – King of Diamonds

Why did you want to take part in this fundraising initiative?
TLC is a great organisation and I love the idea of a disparate group of artists making a varied pack of cards without knowing what the others have been up to.

Can you tell us about your artwork? What inspiration did you draw on to create your design?
I like the archetype of the King, and diamonds have a beautiful symbolism in many cultures.  I had a loose idea of the diamond as indication of the enlightened mind, as found in Buddhist symbology, when I made this, and wanted the piece to be quite cosmic and have a somewhat archetypal feel to it.

What is it about the charity Transplant Links that made you want to support them?
TLC is clearly a life-saving, life-enhancing charity that propagates amazing, important work, giving people a chance at life that they might otherwise lose.

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