Hazel Partridge

hazel-partridge-1Hazel Partridge – 7 of Spades

Why did you want to take part in this fundraising initiative?
When I was invited to take part, I thought that the idea for the deck of cards was a really fun and clever way of amassing a body of work that connects each artist under a common theme but that also allows a huge amount of creative freedom- I was excited!

Can you tell us about your artwork? What inspiration did you draw on to create your design?
I have created a multilayered papercutting to represent the seven of spades. The design shows a golden chameleon hiding in the forest, and the seven spades are concealed in his pattern.
I was really inspired by the artist Tony Meuwissen’s beautiful body of illustrated cards The Key to the Kingdom, and I also wanted to created something modern and fun which influenced my choice of theme and colours.

What is it about the charity Transplant Links that made you want to support them?
I just think that they are a fantastic, motivated and hardworking small charity! I have seen firsthand how lifechanging an organ transplant can be so the issue is very close to my heart.
I also love their fundraising ideas (like this!) and believe that they are a responsible charity, unlike some that we hear of in the news.

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