Jackie Berridge

jackie-berridgeJackie Berridge – Jack of Diamonds 

This initiative is an original way to raise money, both for the artists and buyers. I have been involved in a number of postcard shows so it is quite interesting to work to a different brief. I am looking forward to purchasing the deck!

The Jack of Diamonds was a careful choice – referencing a shortened version of my name and the riches (diamonds) relating to raising money for charity.

I love the traditional imagery of a deck of cards and guessed there would be lots of contemporary interpretations which I look forward to seeing. My creation is a nod to tradition, the ‘Jacks’ top and tailing-  and an anchor to a deck containing more abstract imagery. My inspiration comes from Alice in Wonderland and the white rabbit.

TLC is a small charity and I feel  a very connected to the cause. There is a direct link between creating the work and raising money for something really worthwhile.

Aimee and Jennie are also fantastic and make us feel really valued!

To buy a deck of cards featuring Jackie’s work and the work of many others, go to the ‘shop’ section of this website from the menu.