Karl Singporewala

Ace---with-KSKarl Singporewala – Ace of Diamonds 

Why did you want to take part in this fundraising initiative?
A fantastic brief, an amazing line up of artists and throughly worthwhile charity.

Can you tell us about your artwork? What inspiration did you draw on to create your design?
When making a charity artwork, the importance is in creating something unique to the cause. But creating a special artwork is only half the story, it also requires a buyer/collector to dig deep and purchase it to help raise those vital funds. For me, the team of Jennie and Aimee was the inspiration – The TLC team on top of St Paul’s reaching for the moon, taking their work from England to the rest of the world. They are surrounded by diamonds in the sky, each one a life saved.

What is it about the charity Transplant Links that made you want to support them?
TLC’s two person mission to help save lives deserves all the support and exposure it can get to help achieve their goals. Where knowledge and wisdom can help save the lives of children and adults, you want to support this however you can. I can’t perform kidney transplant surgery… but I can create fine art. We do our bit, so they can do theirs.

To bid for Karl’s original artwork and other artworks bid online live on the Ewbank’s website 12th Oct at 7pm. Instructions can be found in ‘How to Bid’ on this website.

To buy a deck of cards featuring Karl’s work and the work of many others, click ‘Pre-order a Deck of Cards’ from the menu.