The Baron Gilvan

the-baron-gilvanThe Baron Gilvan – Joker

Why did you want to take part in this fundraising initiative?
I taught Aimee and her mother, Jennie, at West Dean College on a short course which was a totally delightful experience so when Aimee asked whether I’d like to contribute to TLC I thought not only was it a brilliant idea but I immediately put my hand up to paint The Joker.

Can you tell us about your artwork? What inspiration did you draw on to create your design?
A buttery painterly wet into wet approach allowing the central character of the hatted joker to emerge through automatism. My figures seem to come out like washed up British music hall stars clinging onto life with bathos and a vigorous glimpse of enlightenment and joy.

What is it about the charity Transplant Links that made you want to support them?
Its incredible, essential life saving work that provides communities with hands on support and mentorship to make a sustainable difference. Totally magnificent!

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