Ambassador: Anthony Frost

Aimee Jewitt-Harris (CEO of Transplant Links and organiser of the TLC Deck of Cards) was delighted to visit TLC Deck of Cards Ambassador Anthony Frost in his studio in Penzance. Below Anthony tells us a bit about his card and the inspiration behind it.

I’m Anthony Frost and I’m an abstract painter. I’m in my studio in Penzance above The Exchange Gallery at this very moment. I’m holding in my hand my Ten Of Diamonds which this year I’ve done as a Roman numeral. I could see Caesar holding  this in one hand a glass of wine in the other playing cards with other Romans! 

There are ten diamonds in there , they just happen to be in different colours. So there is a cobalt blue diamond and a light blue diamond and there’s even a little yellow – I’m having to look all the time- there’s even a little yellow cross ( which is an echo of the large red  Roman X ) and if you count the different coloured diamonds there are ten in there! 

In 1979 I designed the 10 of diamonds for a private deck of cards project, for which my Dad Sir Terry Frost did the 9 of spades. Then I did a whole series of diamonds, painted diamond paintings which led on to the paintings that you see around here in my studio. By doing that 10 of Diamonds card it changed my whole direction in my painting. Then I had a show called “Dangerous Diamonds “ at the Ferens Gallery Hull and so ended up doing a whole series of paintings which were all diamond or half – diamond  paintings. Now I’m back doing the diamond for the TLC Deck Of Cards , which I’m really enjoying doing. I’ve already got ideas for how I’m going to do next year’s diamond! 

I’m often asked to take part in charitable auctions, but there was never ever any chance of not doing this project because it’s such a worthy and fantastic cause,  an unbelievable cause. What you’re doing out there with the money raised and these amazing transplants, who could turn that down. 

It’s been a real pleasure to  recommend  some other artists names, that I was kindly asked to do, and I know that they are over the moon to be taking part and joining such a prestigious set of artists and having their designs in such a beautifully produced deck of cards! 

So that’s 55 artists which is fantastic. That is in itself a wonderful event in that it brings us all together because it sort of gives you this link with the other artist by producing this card for a deck and you’re all doing it all around the country and sometimes I presume in another part of the world and you’re bringing it all together Aimee and it’s all done through Transplants Links , which is fantastic!!!